The US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund recently published a new study that involved more almost 300 pharmacies across the U.S. It noted that prices at Texas pharmacies are significantly higher than their online competitors. The price difference for some ED drugs reached 840%!  Therefore, if you do not want to spend the entire family budget on medicines on ED meds, it would be wise to buy them online. You can choose a pharmacy in Texas based on the rating and reviews of users who have already made purchases.

Hillcrest Pharmacy

Address: 1015 Hillcrest Dr B, Vernon, TX 76384, United States Phone: (940) 552-5414
Ranking: 5.0

Had to get my son his medicine today and went to drop off the prescription right after we left the ER. I dropped it off at 12:45 pm today and waited about two hours when I was told it would take 30 to an hour. So after waiting so long and being tired because my son was up early, not feeling well, I left the store. No call yet, and it’s now past 5 pm.

Hillcrest Pharmacy is on point. The staff is informed and detailed on getting you what u need. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Nice quiet environment and clean. I’m so glad I switched.

Pharm House Drug

Address: 417 US-277, Sonora, TX 76950, United States Phone: (325) 387-2541
Ranking: 4.5

I like the prices. Prices are less here without my insurance than anywhere else with insurance. And, I enjoy supporting our local small businesses.

VERY RUDE!! I changed to this pharmacy because this is Pharm House Drug I like the best. Their prices were better with my GoodRx Discount, but once I transferred, getting them to apply the discount has been a constant problem, EVERY MONTH! And, it doesn’t do any good to try and call you’ll be on eternal hold OF THEY ANSWER! And 80% of the time, even though it’s only 530 or 6 they’ll have the drive-thru closed, and I’ll have to go inside just to stand in line for 30 minutes.

ED Means Pharmacy

Site: Ranking: 4.8

What’s pharmacy is the best – far above all the rest!!!!! Charlie, Alan, David, and Rebecca are all terrific pharmacists, and the staff is very kind and knowledgeable!!! They are excellent with helping with patient’s needs!!!

I’ve been trying to get a breast pump for going on two weeks now. Every time I call it’s a different excuse. They either say they didn’t receive the prescription I sent online on their website. Or they will send it to there personal emails and never call back. ED Means Pharmacy is very unprofessional and annoying.

Apple Pharmacy

Address: 810 E Veterans Dr ste j, Palmview, TX 78572, United States Phone: (956) 352-6485
Ranking: 3.7

It was worth the 25-minute drive, the staff is friendly, welcoming, and most importantly, I got a cup filled with goodies. Thanks, 5 stars! Thanks, staff, and pharmacist.

Apple Pharmacy has a Phenomenal Customer Service, I’ve been coming here Since 2004, They have the best personalities, It’s Like Cheers when I walk in EVERYONE Knows your name, Very friendly, Taje very good care of their customers, They get you in an out within 10 mins or so. With a convenient drive-thru… Brooke, Allen Have really Gone Above and Beyond to help a few times, with my prescription as they Understand It’s important I have it Daily. It was very much appreciated… Sometimes I stop in a while on my route, just to say Hey to Everyone they will surely brighten your day… Best prices around. Hope they are here for years to come, GREAT Group of Guys and Gals…



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